2018 – 2019


Jessika Phillips

Jessika spoke to us about marketing and being an entrepreneur. She elaborated on building relationships and collaboration with clients. She spoke about the importance of processes in a company and that people learn by example. One of the most influential

Gregory Patton

– Web Design Tools – More Web Design Tools – Even More Web Design Tools – Literally Nothing but Web Design Tools

Jim Labuda

How He Started his business -currently works in the printing business -needed more money -started an ebay business on the side -has a warehouse where he keeps his products -has 3 full time people working for him -the way to

Cassidy Bowman

-Cassidy talked about the overall marketing strategy of Amazon. -She talked about how she marketed herself to get herself into Amazon. -She claimed that one of the best things you can do to get yourself out there was to build

Dr. Frank Fumich

Talked about importance of teamwork and collaboration. If you want something pursue it.

John Heaphy

-Find balance in everything -Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur -Find and make your brand it is who you are -“The things you do today will always be with you” How to have a successful business: -Use

Andrew Clark

-Collaboration -Once your portfolio is built up, no one cares about where you went to school -Everyone should work on an equal level -Collaborate Asynchronously -Degrees Get your foot in the door